DATE: 30 Oct 2015

We’re mixing it up!

Telia & Pavla BBDO and TheWorx revealed the recipe of their successful and long-lasting progress in the fields of communication and advertising during a big party hosted by both agencies, on Friday evening, October 30, at their offices’ roof garden.

The event was held to celebrate several milestones achieved by the two agencies: the 25 years of collaboration of Telia & Pavla with the global network BBDO Worldwide, 10 successful years of TheWorx in the field of digital and online marketing, and winning the European Business Awards’ National Champion distintion for 2015.

A number of guests were present that evening to celebrate their  «chemistry» with the two agencies, including ministers, members of parliament, partners and clients.

«Chemistry is an important element of a successful relationship, both amongst colleagues as well as between the agency and its clients...» said Stelios Anastasiades regarding the succesful endeavours of the group. He added that "...only then can we create together and surpass ourselves". This is our secret ingredient for success, leading to numerous achievements by managing to harmoniously combine elements such as creativity, strategy and data analysis.

Indeed. Data analysis. This is in fact the new trend in communications and what TheWorx is specializing in; offering targeted digital marketing solutions leading to exceptional results. TheWorx celebrates its 10 years of operation, creativity and, of course, its ongoing evolution in the field of communications” pointed out Ms. Areti Anastasiades Managing Director of TheWorx, who continued to say that "as pioneers in the field of “brand involving communications” and digital marketing, we continue to work with the same passion and creativity as we always have.”

You can see photos of the event here.