Pedigree® / Whiskas®

WAD #ShelterStoriesCy

Project Summary

Pedigree® and Whiskas® believes that our love for animals must be unconditional. Thus, Pedigree® and Whiskas® have been supporting the animal shelters of Cyprus for years, through donations, meals, events, sponsorships, adoptions, and other actions aimed at strengthening the work of shelters and support of strays hosted there, until they can find their forever homes.
As part of this year's World Animal Day activity we decided to go a step further by turning the Pedigree® and Whiskas® foods into something even more unique,  loving packages. So every time you buy Pedigree® Whiskas® pet food, we offer free Pedigree® and Whiskas® meals to strays living in shelters, in order to have a balanced diet and a healthy life. Because to us, "buying means helping."
Additionally, we created the #ShelterStoriesCy online activity, on Pedigree® and Whiskas® Cyprus Facebook page. A platform that showcased unique pet adoption stories where users and their pets starred as protagonists. We wanted to share the adoption stories of dogs and cats, highlighting how these pets filled their owners hearts and homes with love. Users shared their heartfelt stories with us, and we turned them into videos and a source of inspiration for everyone, hoping to encourage more people to adopt a stray pet.
CLIENT: Pedigree® / Whiskas®
DATE: Sep 5, 2016

#ShelterStoriesCy reached over 1 Million users and achieving over 10,000 reactions, comments and shares on Facebook.