Pedigree® / Whiskas®

WAD «Αγοράζω σημαίνει βοηθώ» 8000 Meals Donation Event

Project Summary

Pedigree® and Whiskas® offered more than 8,000 meals to shelters in Cyprus! 
As part of this year's World Animals Day activities, Pedigree® and Whiskas® - once again - stood alongside of Cyprus' stray animals in need.
Through Pedigree® and Whiskas® recent activity «Αγοράζω σημαίνει βοηθώ» (I buy means I help) which took place at supermarkets across Cyprus, where for each of their products purchased, Pedigree® and Whiskas® offered a meal for the strays living in shelters, collecting a total of over 8,000 meals.
Meals were delivered to CVA (Cyprus Voice for Animals), on Tuesday, 25th of October, during an event held at Sirius Dog Shelter in Limassol.
The event was attended by representatives of MARS, representatives of the official distributor of MARS products in Cyprus CTC Argosy Trading, the President of CVA Ms. Mary Anastasi and representatives of the animal shelters.
CLIENT: Pedigree® / Whiskas®
DATE: Oct 25, 2016