Uncle Ben's

Uncle Ben's 50 years

Project Summary

Following the haircut that shook the economy of Cyprus in March 2013, a large number of families were left unable to support their everyday, basic needs. As a result many families became dependent on Community Groceries, a number state-funded groceries that cater to people who live in poverty, with the use of coupons. With this in mind, and with the opportunity of Uncle Ben's celebrating 50 years in the Cyprus market, TheWorx proactively developed the idea of creating a CSR activity which would also have a promotional side to it that would engage consumers with the brand in an effort to offer meals to families in need. The client embraced the idea and the project was launched... 

Specifically, with each purchase of Uncle Ben's products, one meal was donated to the Community Groceries of Cyprus with the target of giving away a total of 50,000 meals. Two months onwards, the activity was completed with great success and the meals were donated by representatives of Mars Inc. and their distributors Christodoulides Bros. to the Community Groceries, at an event organised by TheWorx to mark the completion of the project.

CLIENT: Uncle Ben's
DATE: Nov 29, 2013