If Carlsberg did... Carwash & Pizza Delivery

Project Summary

Carlsberg has been running an international campaign based on the platform “If Carlsberg Did," which has recently been revived with popular TV spots in the UK. With British humor and creativity, these ads poke fun with exaggerated scenes of perfection of everyday experiences like getting a haircut or supermarket shopping.

At TheWorx, we were inspired to initiate our own version of this campaign for Carlsberg Cyprus using the Digital Marketing plane. The idea was to create and capture candid experiences of unsuspecting parties with a ‘surprise and delight’ strategy. We settled for two everyday instances, which we envisioned Carlsberg could turn into “probably the best in the world”: Pizza Delivery & Carwash.

CLIENT: Carlsberg
DATE: Jul 3, 2015
The Challenge

To launch Carlsberg’s 2015 summer promotion in Cyprus, using the infamous communications platform “If Carlsberg did…”. A promotion based on a series of experiential activities that will bring to life our communications platform, as well as the brand promise “Probably the best beer in the World” . A campaign that will have relevance amongst our target group (males 18-35) and be directly associated to the Carlsberg brand experience and their expectations of the brand (i.e. out of the ordinary, fun, ‘WOW’ effect). The execution should engage consumers and encourage share-ability of the various activities taking place, further promoting the campaign through consumer interaction (i.e. viral effect).

The Solution

If Carlsberg did…Pizza Delivery: Partnering with Pizza Hut, the leading pizza franchise in Cyprus, we pinpointed 3 separate occasions where a group of friends, within our customer profile got together to order pizza. We then surprised them with a spectacular Carlsberg interpretation of what the best pizza delivery in the world would be like—probably. 1. Employees working after business hours at a large office 2. A group of friends “chilling” at a pool party 3. Football fans gathered in a flat to watch the big game The surprise came when, instead of a pizza delivery boy, an army of lovely ladies stormed in to deliver pizza with an endless supply of ice-cold Carlsberg beer and lots of gifts with loud music thumping in the background. After the initial shock settled, the laughter kicked in and the party started! Carlsberg style! If Carlsberg did…Carwash: The seemingly boring, common chore of getting a car washed became the most exciting part of some unsuspecting people’s day. For an entire day, CARECAR in Nicosia and Car Spa in Limassol, catered to their customers in the most unusual, way. Each received free non-alcoholic Carlsberg beer while waiting for their cars to be washed by sexy models. And, if that wasn’t enough, each car wash customer was treated to personalized grooming with a shave, hair cut, manicure and gifts in this carwash fit for Kings!


Those featured in the videos were unsuspecting and genuinely surprised by the intervention that brought so much excitement to an otherwise routine day. Our team captured the reactions on the fly and prepared a series of video posts. The campaign was communicated purely on digital channels, mainly through social media. The content was amusing and engaging in order achieve its own organic reach and with the support of the client’s budget for sponsored advertising we achieved brilliant results. It was re-enforced by teaser material before each phase was released and animated advertising banners, which drove users to watch the videos. The hashtag #IfCarlsbergDid has caught on, as users joke with their own imaginations for how other routine occasions can be done the Carlsberg way. 3,084,528 Impressions Total reach: 326,720 unique users 34% of Cyprus’ total population 318,136 Views 573 Shares 3778 Likes 256 Comments The most viral promotional campaign in Cyprus. Probably.