DATE: 28 Sep 2016

Hybrid Advertising Alliance: Renewed, technologically advanced and stronger than ever!

Hybrid Advertising Alliance, created three years ago on the initiative of TELIA & PAVLA BBDO, held a press conference at its offices on Wednesday, 28th of September.

The aim of this first and one-of-a-kind alliance in Cyprus, was to create something much more than a one-stop-shop, which will provide comprehensive services to brands, through greater specialisation, greater flexibility and more creative work.

Today, having exceeded our expectations, Hybrid welcomes two new members and launches into a new era of development, offering yet more specialised services in the field of advertising and communications, with emphasis on technology and online content creation.

One of the two new members of the new Hybrid Advertising Alliance is OPIUM WORKS - A Digital Agency, which started its work in 2011, offering services such as Digital Marketing, Design and Web Development. Opium Works is an official partner with global networks such as the Drupal Association and has commercial partnerships with international giants in technology and Digital Marketing, including Oracle Hospitality, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Acquia, Microsoft and Google Partners.
In addition, Hybrid Advertising Alliance is also reinforced by VOID. VOID aims to bring "shorter than short" microcontent videos of the internet culture in Cyprus and aims to speak to the younger generation.
Existing members of the new advertising alliance Hybrid Advertising Alliance include the three founding members - TELIA & PAVLA BBDO, TheWorx, and Appios Communications.

The TheWorx - subsidiary to TELIA & PAVLA BBDO - is a proud member of the alliance. Offering for more than 10 years of expertise in the fields of PR, Social Media Management, Event Planning, Direct Marketing and Digital & Online Marketing, to a number of major brands, both locally and globally.

The Hybrid team consists of a total of 50 qualified and experienced professionals within the industry, who are more than ready to take on the biggest advertising and communication challenges in the domestic market, ushering in a new era of effective creativity, focusing on strategy, storytelling and new technologies.

This is the new, glorious era for the new Hybrid Advertising Alliance, which recently moved to back to its offices on Pericleous Str. 62, in Strovolos.