ENA Fun Zone

EJ’s makeover!

Project Summary

Something very stylish has been happening on ENA Fun Zone’s Facebook Page recently. EJ, the mascot appearing on the packages of ENA juice’s fruit drink targeted at younger audiences, was giving the chance to members of the facebook page to give it makeover. The campaign was comprised of a competition that took place from mid December to mid January 2015. Participants had to enter an app on facebook.com/enafunzone and give EJ a makeover of their choice and share it with their friends, asking them to vote for their emtry. The top participants who managed to gather the highest votes won various gadgets, whilst another winner who was identified by a draw won a year’s worth of ENA juice’s delicious fruit drinks! The competition was strategically designed and executed by TheWorx, in collaboration with our client, Photos Photiades Distributors LTD.

DATE: Dec 18, 2014