DATE: 19 Oct 2016

“Do you want to be progressive or do you want to be resistant?"

When marketers decide to get over the shock of gender identity no longer playing a significant role in consumer behaviour, the opportunities can be endless!

The insights are all there – social media and online marketing provide us with a priceless pool of resources - data and insights we can use to know our audience and grow our brands. Because women drink beer; men use their female partners’ shampoo; some men wear make-up; transexual men menstruate. Why limit your brand to a certain stereotype when you can grow it?

Listen and learn… How does your audience communicate? Then speak to them in their language. The catch is doing it whilst staying true to your brand’s values - a process lead by a solid brand purpose and strategy. In other words, strategy + data + creativity = the killer combination


In reference to the story posted on (first appeared in the October 17, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine) - "Brands Are Throwing Out Gender Norms to Reflect a More Fluid World"