ENA Juice

«Εσύ, τι μήλο είσαι;» (What apple are you?) ENA Juice’s refreshing quiz!

Project Summary

ENA Juice has a brand new addition to its colorful juicy range, ENA 100% Apple and we celebrated with an online, apple themed competition. The competition ran on an app on ENA Juice’s Facebook page, from September 29th to October 26th 2015. Participants had to take a quiz and determine what kind of apple best portrayed their character.

The quiz offered a wide variety of possible results to match all personalities. Are you an adventurous apple like William Tell’s, or more low key like Eve’s. Perhaps it’s Newton’s symbol of knowledge and discovery that expresses you best. Are you more attracted to the Hesperides’ luxurious golden fruit, or the techie gadgets symbolized by Steve’s famous apple?

And since we’re on the subject of apples, once they completed the quiz, participants would automatically enter a draw for the possibility to win an Apple Watch!

The digital campaign was an absolute success, gathering more than 5000 participations and a flood of positive comments and reactions!

The competition was strategically designed and executed by TheWorx, in collaboration with our client, Photos Photiades Distributors LTD, as part of ENA’s «Fysi Pantoy» (nature all around) platform.

See the app here.

DATE: Sep 29, 2015